2 Samurai Guardians Smooth On ProductsThese gorgeous 16 ft tall Samurai guardians where used as set props fro the Grand Rapids Ballets production of "Firebird". Built in studio located in Grand Rapids from styrofoam blocks and coated with styrocoat, these enormous "book ends" took ten days to complete by seven people who maintained regular 40 hour jobs. They're biggest obstacle was, of all things, a short deadline!

The creation began with two 12 x 4 foot styrofoam blocks, carved with hot wire foam cutters and a chain saw. Then came detachable arms made from a steel frame and connecting pins. On top of all of that, fourteen cases of Styrocoat® Sprayable Styrofoam Plastic Coating to envelop the styrofoam and give it a hard shell. The last step was painting them, in this case porcelain paint was used, however, normally a Bear Brand exterior paint is recommended.

In the end, a block of styrofoam became these formidable warriors who became supporting actors in "Firebird". The creators received their final reward when hearing the gasps from the audience as the lights went up on the stage.


  • Styrofoam blocks.
  • Hot wire foam cutters.
  • Chain saw.
  • 14 cases of Styrocoat.
  • Painted with a porcelain paint, but Bear brand exterior paint recommended.
  • Bottom, steel frame with casters.