Saber-tooth Tiger Looking for security, but can't afford conventional systems? Just put this Sabre-tooth Tiger sculpture on your front porch and people will have second thoughts about trying to break into your house! Actually, this 175 pound sculpture was realistic enough to win 3rd place in the Collective Arts division of the International Taxidermy Show in Las Vegas out of 740 exhibitors. Not impressed? Well, the only reason it didn't place higher was because of the $7,000.00 worth of Hollywood quality faux fur!!

This life-like piece was made from a pre-formed plastic taxidermy lion body. The head was carved in foam, then cast in plastic, from molds using BCC hard urethane plastic. The makers studied the actual skeletal remains of a sabre-tooth tiger, to add realistic characteristics. The hair itself was hand poked and airbrushed with RIT dye. The tongue, ears and nose had to be cast by silicon Mold Max 15T. The incredibly lifelike eyes are taxidermy glass eyes. Finally, the teeth had to be created from Smoothcast 300 rigid plastic. It's final construction took 45 days.

It was then put into it's custom wooden crate (no air holes necessary!) and shipped to Las Vegas from Grand Rapids where it clawed it's way to 3rd place.


  • Head cast in Soft FoamIt 5.
  • Tongue, ears, nose, cast in silicon MoldMax 15T
  • Eyes are taxidermy glass eyes.
  • Hair was hand-poked and airbrushed with RIT dye.
  • BCC hard urethane plastic to make the molds.
  • Teeth - Smoothcast 300 rigid plastic.