Melissa's BabiesSo, Melissa and her babies almost had a police record. That's right, these little babies once had police waiting outside of Melissa's car when she returned from a bit of shopping. It turns out, someone thought they where real babies left inside the car alone. How about that for realism? That's not the only thing you can find at her website, there are baby monkeys, reborns and fantasy creatures. Originally sculpted out of polymer clay of Dragonskin with flesh-tone pigment, in a Reoflex 30 mold. The hair and eyelashes are painstakingly hand punched for a realistic appearence. Blemishes, veins and birthmarks and added afterwards to add character to each baby. It's an amazing "birth" for such adorable dolls.


  • Hand punched hair and eyelashes.
  • Original sculpting out of polymer clay.
  • Reoflex 30 for mold.
  • Dragonkin with flesh-tone pigment.
  • Blemishes, birthmarks, veins added afterwards for added realism.