John Wayne SculptureThere's a new sheriff in town! Perfect for keeping watch over any barkeeps saloon. If you don't recognize this guy, then you better be ready to do a shootout at high noon! This dead on replica of the John Wayne was lovingly created by Jack Price. The body was made from Flexfoam 10, with molds made out of polyester. His head was sculpted from clay and cast in Ecoflex. The hard plastic mold was created by Reoflex. HIs eyes, hands and feet made with SmoothCast 327. His fashion accessories are high quality replicas of the originals. The hat and the metal pieces on the rifle are created from 327 plastic. The body of the rifle is carved from real wood. The frame that keeps it all together is made from PVC piping.


  • Body: Flexfoam 10.
  • Head originally sculpted of clay, Reoflex rubber for the mold, cast in Ecoflex.
  • Eyes/hands/feet: SmoothCast 327.
  • Rifle: real wooden stock, metal pieces are 327 plastic.
  • Hat: 327 plastic.
  • Clothes/belt: high quality replicas.
  • Frame: PVC pipe.
  • Body molds: polyester.