Saber-tooth Tiger These bronze heads where designed to stand as a memorial for the three Lamoreaux brothers, who were killed in WWII. The story of their untimely deaths have been immortilized in the movie, "Saving Private Ryan". The film is based on the attempt to rescue the middle brother, Al. They are survived by two sisters, with whom the creators met. Unfortunately, the two women offered them very little to go with in creation of these life-like heads. A house fire destroyed most of the photographic memories of these men. Based on the six photographs they where given, the heads began life carved from Shivcut clay and Smooth-On 724 Urethane. For the finishing touch, wax casts where then made and sent to a foundry to be poured in bronze .

The three brothers now keep vigil in a park in Sparta, MI, appropriately named for them, Lamoreaux Park.


  • Heads carved of Shivcut clay.
  • Smooth-On 724 Urethane.
  • Made wax casts and sent to a foundry to be poured on bronze.